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Find service providers offering Accommodation/Tenancy services such as finding appropriate rental, support in furnishing, homelesness services, emergency accommodation, support in becoming part of the neighbourhood.


Find service providers offering Specialist Assessment of Skills, Abilities and Needs (Assess-Skill, Ability, Needs) services such as assistance with complex or unclear needs, communication barriers, or long term and or intensive supports.

Find service providers offering assistance to access and maintain employment (Assist Access/Maintain Employ) such as identifying work aspirations, assistance to attain employment, assistance in searching for jobs, social networks.

Find service providers offering Assistance to integrate into school or other educational program (Assist-Integrate School/Ed) such as assistance to enable a participant to attend and participate in school or educational training programs. 

Find service providers offering Assist-Life Stage, Transition services such as support to assist the participant, their family, and carers to develop a vision for a meaningful life, and coordinate plans for changing needs and circumstances.



Find service providers offering Assist-Personal Activities services such as assistance with, and/or supervising, personal tasks of daily life to develop skills of the participant to live as autonomously as possible, in a range of environments.

Find service providers offering Assist-Travel/Transport services such as assistance with travel or transport arrangements including taxis, buses, specialist and other community transport arrangements.

Find service providers offering Behaviour Support services such as assistance to a participant, their family and support persons to identify behaviours of concern, to design and undertake specific positive behaviour support strategies.

Find service providers offering Community Nursing Care such as the provision of nursing care to promote physical well-being including preventive monitoring of ongoing conditions and provision of direct treatments.

Find service providers offering Daily Tasks/Shared Living services such as assistance with supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment with focus on developing the skills of the individuals to live as autonomously as possible.


Find service providers offering Development-Life Skills services that are focused on training and development activities undertaken by the participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible.


Find service providers offering Early Childhood Supports services including a mix of therapies, and a key worker for the family. Including preschool and play group, meaning increased opportunities to learn and develop positive social relationships.

Find service providers offering Equipment Special Assess Setup services such as assistive technology specialist assessment, set up and training and assistance to a participant by skilled personnel in aids or equipment assessment, set up and training.

Find service providers offering Household Tasks services that enable the participant to maintain their home environment. This may involve undertaking essential household tasks that the participant is not able to undertake.



Find service providers offering Interpret/Translate services assisting participants to communicate as independently as possible through assistance to the participant to communicate in essential activities.

Find service providers offering Other Innovative Supports services that are not listed under other clusters. At this stage it is unclear what services are supported in this cluster.

Find service providers offering Participate Community services related to community participation which can lead to improved wellbeing outcomes for people with disability.

Find service providers offering Physical Wellbeing services including physical wellbeing activities that promote and encourage physical well-being, including exercise and healthy diets.

Find service providers offering Plan Management support focused on strengthening the participant’s ability to undertake the tasks associated with the management of their supports. 

Find service providers offering Therapeutic Supports such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Music Therapy and Psychology.

Find service providers offering Training-Travel Independence services including support in the use of public transport and reducing stress when travelling and skills to travel independently.

Find service providers offering Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety products for personal care and safety such as bed rails and extensions, mobile showers, pressure reduction, toilet seats and padded arms.

Find service providers offering Assistive Equip-Recreation aids and equipment to assist participants in undertaking sports and other recreational and leisure pursuits.

Find service providers offering Assistive Prod-Household Task services such as assistive products for meal preparation and clean up, household and cleaning and household tasks.

Find service providers offering Comms & Info Equipment services such as aids and equipment to assist participants with alternate communication or to access written or spoken communication via electronic or other means.

Find service providers offering Hearing Equipment products in assistance for hearing such as wearable hearing aids, cochlear implants etc. These services can only be provided by approved hearing health professionals.

Find service providers offering Personal Mobility Equipment to assist participants to move around their home or the community; including equipment for walking, wheelchairs and transfer aids such as pads, belts, and hoists.

Find service providers offering Vision Equipment services such as assistive products for vision such as devices that give auditory prompts to assist with navigation, ultra sonic sensing devices to assist orientation and guide dogs.

Find service providers offering Home Modification services such as design, consultancy, and implementation services and installation of equipment or changes to building structures, fixture or fittings.

Find service providers offering Vehicle Modifications services such as the installation of, or changes to, equipment in a vehicle to enable a participant to travel safely as a passenger or to drive.

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